Tuesday, May 31, 2016
Calendar 2016

Starting 12/7/2015, ABC will be selling a 2016 calendar featuring artwork by students at ABC Sacramento School and CB Program. Review the

ABC, Inc.'s New Sick Leave policy
Please review the new ABC, Inc.'s Sick Leave policy effective 7/1/2015. If you were hired after 7/1/2015, please review this Notice - Labor Code section 2810.5
HIPAA Compliance

Please follow the instructions to get the training for HIPAA compliance.

Email & Calendar configuration

Instructions to use on 10/31 at 2pm

We are using now a state of the art software as an email server (Kerio). The settings are different depending on your device. Please follow the instructions below, depending on your needs.

Keep in mind that you will get the better experience with Outlook.

- Mac

- Windows with Outlook

- Thunderbird

- Microsoft Surface

- iPhone

- Android


Please use the powerpoint to review the steps on how to use the calendar.


Please use http://mail.abcreal.com as your new address. http://webmail.appliedbehavior.com will still active with the legacy email for archive purposes.


On my iPhone, I only see 3 days of messages. Why?

This is a default configuration. In order to change it, follow this TA.

How do I setup my Out of Office message?

TA to setup away message

How do I add my signature?

TA for signature (please note to NOT add the disclaimer, that is done automatically)

With this new profile in Outlook, I don't see my contacts. How do I get them?

Outlook has the contacts organized in folders, inside Outlook (not available outside in Windows). In order to get back your contacts, you need to:

Open the previous outlook profile, and Export the Suggested Contacts to a csv file. Then, in the new profile, import them 

Since the migration, Outlook is some times freezing. What is happening?

Outlook is downloading all your messages from the server. If you have a slow connection or/and a lot of messages, it will take a while until the process is completed. If Outlook is really non responsive, you have the alternative of using http://mail.abcreal.com. Everything you'll do in webmail will be updated in your outlook. 

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